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Wastersports in Aruba | Parasailing in Aruba
A once in a lifetime adventure on the vast Caribbean Sea!
Welcome to Skyview!

Our story begins in 1985 as the first company to start parasailing in Aruba.
That is 37 years of experience! We wholeheartedly aim to give our customers an unforgettable time- authentic to the Skyview Experience- by keeping it safe and easy as well as delivering on being the highlight of your trip.
The best Watersports Crew around is here to take good care of you.
Sun on your skin, wind in your hair. We got you.
There is something for everyone here at Skyview. Whether for leisure or adventure, you will most certainly make memories of a lifetime.
Contact us for any additional information and guidance in helping you choose the activities that best suits you and yours.

-The Skyview Team 🧡

jetski rental Aruba

Jetski Rental


Sea Turtle


  • Experience beautiful 360° views of the Aruban waters and landscape

    Read More
    70 US dollars
  • Aruba's colorful underwater world is a wondrous sight to be seen!

    Read More
    From 200 US dollars
  • A guaranteed way to fulfill your need for thrilling speed and exciting...

    Read More
    85 US dollars
  • A most relaxing and luxurious way to appreciate the scenic coastline.

    Read More
    From 200 US dollars
  • Different way to ride over water; equally thrilling way to explore it!

    Read More
    80 US dollars
  • Sun on your skin, breeze in your hair, skimming the water's surface

    Read More
    80 US dollars
  • Fall in love with waterskiing and benefit from an intense workout.

    Read More
    120 US dollars
  • Close to the shoreline - a great experience for novice anglers.

    Read More
    400 US dollars
  • 2 to 8 miles offshore - a trip for the more experienced anglers.

    Read More
    600 US dollars
  • Hang on tight as you are pulled, whipped and flung over the water!

    Read More
    25 US dollars
  • Admire the views as you zip along the shore on this extraordinary ride

    Read More
    25 US dollars
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