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  • 80 US dollars

Waterskiing combines a total full-body workout with an exciting fun time. It’s hard to feel anything other than happiness with the Aruban sun on your skin and breeze in your hair as you skim the water’s surface. Experienced water-skiers can show off their slaloms, jumps and trick skiing skills! Book online or contact us through any other messaging source for a Scheduling Agent.

Cancelation Policy

OUR CANCELATION POLICY: All cancelations must be initiated by contacting Skyview Watersports Support at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled activity via: -Emailing -Contacting Support through our website’s Chat App -Telephone/ WhatsApp 297-5696985 A full refund will be given with 24 hours prior notice or if cancellation occurs due to inapt weather. We also offer: -The issuing of a voucher that’s valid for 2 years. -Reschedule the activity on a different date. ​​​​​​​-Transfer the booking to someone else who might be visiting in the future. *Timing is calculated in accordance with the time zone of the booked activity's location.

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