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What to Expect- A Guide to Parasailing in Aruba

Aruba Parasailing

Parasailing might seem like an extreme sport but we assure you, it is safe and easy. You will get the thrill of an extreme sport without having to move a single muscle. Just sit back, relax and let the crew make all the magic happen for you. Allow us to take you through the whole entire process so you know exactly what to expect once you arrive for this bucket-list-worthy experience. What to wear Wear what you would usually wear to go to the beach, or on a boat. Your bathing suit and a short and shirt or top. Slippers and sunglasses are urged to be left on the boat so that they do not fall into the waters when going up. Normally you will not get wet unless you get dipped at the end of your ride. The captain will ask you before you go up. This is entirely up to you. How to get there If you have service on your phone then this Google Map Location will direct you: Otherwise just ask your taxi driver to take you to Moomba Beach Bar in Palm Beach, we are located right next to the Moomba Beach Bar. Behind/beachside of the Marriott Surf Club. THIS is our station circled in red:

Parasailing Location in Aruba
Skyview Watersports, Circled in Red

Once on the boat You will be greeted by the captain and his crew member and be taken out to the designated parasailing area. The crew member will get you set up into a the parasailing harness, this will be either single, tandems or triple sets based on weight and wind conditions and restrictions. The minimum weight to parasail is 180 pounds. The maximum weight to parasail is 400 pounds. Your safety is always our top priority and this may vary slightly depending on the wind conditions.

Parasailing in Aruba
A Crew Member Will Set You Up In a Parasailing Harness

Parasailing time! The crew will open the parachute at the back of the boat. It will stay there opened by the platform where you will be instructed to come up so that the crew member can hook you up to the parachute. You will be instructed to sit down on the platform and the captain will manoeuvre you swiftly into the sky up to between 400 – 600 feet. And this is when you take it all in! You will be given about 8 minutes to bask in the beauty of the ultimate scenery experience in Aruba.

Parasailing Views in Aruba
You Will be Given About 8 minutes to Bask in the Beauty of the Ultimate Scenery Experience in Aruba

Coming down The captain will land you on the platform at the back of the boat, on your feet, where the crew member will be waiting to detach you from the parachute. The harness will be taken off of you and you may sit for the rest of the boat ride back to the beach.

Parasail in Aruba
The Harness Will be Taken Off of You and You May Sit For the Rest of the Boat Ride Back to the Beach.

That’s it! That is all there is to it! If you wish to have a photographer present to capture you going up, in the air and coming down you can contact Skyview Watersports directly through any of the contact sources ( e-mail, social media message, Whatsapp, website messenger) to arrange this. Reservations can be done online here: Last minute reservations – less than 24 hours before preferred date and time- can also be done by contacting Skyview Watersports directly. All Contact Sources Here We hope you have a clear enough idea of what to expect and can picture yourself already, experiencing this once in a lifetime adventure on the vast Carribean Sea!

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