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Why You Should Try Parasailing In Aruba

It is no secret that Aruba is one of the most vibrant, happy and adventurous places to visit. You will never run out of fun and exciting things to do on this One Happy Island nestled in the South Caribbean. So much to do and so little time! Right?! Let us help you today in deciding on at least one of your can't-miss activities.

Parasailing might seem basic at first glance but rest assured; it is an experience of a lifetime. Often described as both a thrilling and relaxing experience. You get that bird's eye view of the island, shades of the shimmering blue sea, stretches of white sand beaches and on a clear day, even witnessing iconic landmarks such as the Lighthouse, Hooiberg etc. The views are unbeatable. Parasailing will also get your adrenaline running as you get swooped up into the air. You'll be soaring into the air in no time above the vast Caribbean Sea behind a speedboat. Hello, heartrate!

Your captain will always ask if you'd wish to do the ''dip'' at the very end of the ride. I guarantee you will love it. Don't opt out!

This is also an activity for the whole family. A couple could easily have the most intimate romantic doubles session in the glorious Aruban blue sky, but Mom and Dad and the kids could just as easily make memories that will last a lifetime. Bring your besties for the most epic photo-ops. Parasailing is an absolute delight and a definite must do in Aruba, I urge you to try it! Now -- in order to have fun (and be relaxed) while flying 400-feet in the air attached to a rope behind a moving speed boat, you’re going to need to feel safe and well attended to by your Parasailing Team.

This involves trusting that the boat is in optimal functioning order, the equipment is of good quality, and that the captain and crew of the boat are both knowledgeable and attentive.

Though there are a few different companies that offer parasailing in Aruba, we always choose to book our parasailing excursions through Skyview Watersports

From the moment you step on the boat until the point you are up in the air with the best view in town, the staff and crew at Skyview Watersports are dedicated to providing you a safe and most enjoyable experience. Due to the popularity of parasailing, I recommend making a reservation for the date and time of your choice as soon as you know your availability. Find out for yourself why it is the most hyped Aruba Experience and let us know all about it in the comments section!

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